The flag of the province Friesland A Beautiful Holiday in Friesland

In the beautiful green north-west of Friesland (a province in the north of Holland), near a farm just outside the village Welsrijp you find the idle place for a beautiful holiday . From the quiet lain bungalow or caravan you can explore Friesland.


large Photo of Friesland
Friesland the green province of the Netherlands.
1. The farm
2. The Surroundings
3. Bungalow (1)  
4. Caravan (2)    
5. Caravan (3)  


Pas geboren Klaske 2  en haar moeder

The new-born Klaske 2 and her mother.

On our Milkcattle-farm is a lot to do of course there is milking on a daily bases. and frequently little calf's are born. Beside the 60 cows and many little Calf's there some dwarf ewes, (perhaps with sucking lambs) chickens and rabbits.

of course there are tractors and machines too.


In the neighbourhood are beautiful cities

*Welsrijp leis 5 kilometre from Franeker. Franeker is an old historical little town. In the time of Napoleon it even had an University. A lot of old buildings still remind to that time.
*Also Franeker is well-known by the Planetarium.. Eise Eisinga built between 1774 and 1781 a copy of the solar system on scale on the sealing of the livingroom in his house. On this solar system you can still read (now 200 years after Eisinga built it) the exact position of the planets on this moment.
*Also the city Sneek well-known by a lot of water sport possibilities on the surrounding lacks lies nearby (15 kilometre)
*Also the city Leeuwarden our Friesian province capital. This city lies on a distance of 15 kilometre


the townhall van Franeker

The Slachtedyk

The Slachtedyk is an old friesian dyke which kept the water out in the past. The dyke which lies nearby our village has become well-known in the year 2000 during the Simmer2000 event when the Slachte-marathon was organised. A Marathon on top of this dike. During SIMMER 2000. a lot of Frisian from around the complete world came back to their birth layer.

The next Slachtemarathon will be organised in 2004. For more info look at:

Photo of the Slachtedyk

Skutjesilen is a Friesian word for a raceing compatision between old cargo Sailing ships.(the skūtsjes ) Each summer the skūtsjes are keeping friesland in their spell. Everyone who feels something for sailing, keeps track of the fight between the old cargo liners.

The old cargo liners were built around 1900 in order to bring the farms peat, manure and other cargo. Now a lot of volunteers are maintaining those old ships to sail with them during the summer. In the competition or to tour with tourists on the Beautiful lacks . here and when the Sailing competition is kept can you see on the
Competition schedule from our camp-site, a number of competition places are well contactible

Riding school

For a beautiful rite on a horse you can go to the large riding school of the neighbours.



This bungalow is comforable arranged for 6 persons:

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This caravan is comforable arranged for 6 persons:

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This Caravan is comforable arranged for 4 persons:

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  Bungalow (1) Caravan ( 2) Caravan ( 3)
Complete week: Saturday 16.00 hour to Saturday 10.00 hour € 300 € 250 € 175
Mid-Week : Monday 16.00 hour to Saturday 10.00 hour € 225 € 175 € 150
Long weekend: Friday 16.00 hour to Monday 10.00 hour € 150 € 125 € 100

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